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About us

We established our firm "Gopetersburg" Ltd. in 2000 with the aim to offer our services for those who consider a visit to St. Petersburg, Russia. From the beginning we successfully offer rooms in mini-hotels and apartments for rent in St. Petersburg. Our other services include: Pulkovo airport transfers, taxi and personal guide services, tickets, visa support and car rent in St. Petersburg.

You could read more of our services at www.gopetersburg.spb.ru/petersburg/

Unlike many travel agent's an individual approach to every client is always practised by us. We will be offering you different accommodation and services options until you say: "Yes, it's exactly what I want". Or we advise on the best for you option.

We will do our best so that you fully enjoy your time in St. Petersburg and make the most of it!

St. Petersburg Airport (Pulkovo I/II) Transfers

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